Brand Expansion Campaign



Throughout our years, we’ve grown to understand that certain brands are just made differently. RIP-IT lives this mindset as they continue to evolve and enhance access to high-end, performance gear for softball and beyond. Through adept market research and consumer insight, we teamed up to launch a series of collections that shine bright on the diamond.

Process and Results

As with all things RIP-IT, we start with the players. By understanding what they want, we can create assets that speak to their needs and deliver on RIP-IT’s promise to always put the girls first. For such a bright mission, we needed to create something just as compelling in the visual sphere. The players inspire us, and we aimed to capture their sentiment through stylized studio photography, poetic verse, and authentic emotion.


Brand Expression

Creative Direction

Campaign Development


Full-Service Production

Script Writing

Copy Writing

Poignant light, palpable colors, and powerful smiles. Three components to this campaign that bring these collections to a whole new level. We took our inspiration from strong product design and let the players bring this feeling to life.

We matched each collection to a complimenting color-scape during in-studio photography sessions. This monochromatic approach highlighted both the product and the player. We further leaned into this sentiment through direct, alliterative writing that further expanded personas for each individual collection.


In addition to the new softball collections, we collaborated with RIP-IT to unveil the first look at their expanded lineup. Through a multi-part rollout, we re-vamped their social media presence and created a teaser campaign in preparation for launch into soccer and volleyball.

We created a strategic launch campaign that helped usher in the new era of RIP-IT. Though the sports have expanded, the same chord rings true throughout. It’s all about teamwork, passion, and belonging.

Through a mix of lifestyle and in-studio collection photography, we seamlessly revealed Soccer and Volleyball as valued members of the already extensive RIP-IT roster.

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