Kennedy Space Center


Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex have the opportunity to explore several add-on experiences during their time in the park. One of these prized experiences is Dine With An Astronaut, which allows visitors small-group access to a conversation with astronauts from across the Space Shuttle Program. As a legacy offering, the experience needed to be spruced up and engage a new group of space fanatics.

Process and Results

As the guests enter into the newly refurbished dining hall, they are greeted with an overview video setting the tone for the experience to follow. However, we wanted something more exciting than an explainer video, we wanted to tell the story of the deep-rooted traditions that each astronaut has encountered during their tenure with NASA. Spending the week with three astronauts, we uncovered their personal experiences with these traditions. We created a fully immersive guest experience complete with environmental and sound design elements to give the visitors a modern look at a long-lasting series of events.


Creative Direction

Experience Consulting

Full-Service Production

Post Production

Sound Design & Engineering

To understand where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve been. With the topic of space travel alive and well, we created this story to inspire a new generation of enthusiasts who will bring us into the next era of space research.

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