A Creative Approach to Film Production

Digital Filmmaking has played a huge role in the evolution of content marketing over the years, and we believe it is a great way for customer engagement and to maximize visibility for your brand. Spry is a full service creative agency offering pre to post production services for projects of all calibers.

We are storytellers, we are Spry.

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“Time after time, Spry continues to go above and beyond our expectations. We especially love the work done on the Tony Roma’s Summer Shorts campaign and we look forward to our on going relationship with their production team!”

- Jay Winborne, Media and Communications Manager - Romacorp, inc.

Production Services

Crews &

Spry offers a full scale pre to post production process across the globe, servicing the broadcast, corporate and advertising industries (i.e Regional & National Commercials, Interviews & Testimonials, B-Roll Packages, Corporate Films, Documentaries, Event Recaps, Culture Films and Retainer projects). Learn About Script Writing

We want to make sure the story of your brand is being communicated effectively. Spry has seasoned professionals who have been writing and revising exceptional quality content for years. We strive to fully understand your vision and apply it to the project strategically. Learn About Storyboarding

We understand that planning is the key element to a smooth, efficient, and high quality production. Spry is home to some of the top designers in the industry. Along with our design teams visionary and illustrative skills, paired with our creative team’s capabilities and our understanding of the production industry we are able to effectively plan a project from start to finish. Learn About Concept Development

Great production is centered around the idea. Our creative team is at your disposal. There are many factors that go into the pre to post production process, we pride ourselves in not only coming up with ideas, but also bringing them into existence. Learn About Post Production

Spry uses a full apple workflow in the digital post production world. We offer services and resources in the forms of HD Video Editing (Final Cut Pro 7 & 10), Sound Design, Audio Editing, Color Grading, HD Closed Captioning, Conversion and Motion Graphics. Learn About Digital Photography

We at Spry understand the importance of telling a story through a single still image. We have seasoned professionals who specialize in Commercial, Product, Fashion and Architectural Photography. Learn About Crews & Equipment

Spry is a Crew and Equipment resource across the entire production platform including Directors, Cinematographers, Gaffers, Grips, and Production Assistants. Learn About Digital Film Production

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All our ideas are based on insight drawn from the brand’s promise, consumers’ desires, cultural drivers and the business need.