We were commissioned to produce the video and photography assets needed for a website re-design and social campaign for Seagram’s Gin.



Spry sourced 18 different models over the course of 7 production days in Orlando, Miami, and New York City. Our challenge in hiring talent for this shoot was finding models with diverse cultural backgrounds, that were also creatives across multiple mediums ranging from music production to fashion design.

One of the requirements of the shoot was to show as much contrast as possible, across a limited number of locations. We achieved this by being creative in how we utilized our spaces and chose two main locations with a high level of scenic diversity, New York City and Miami.


This social campaign on Instagram was one of the driving factors of the new brand awareness for Seagram’s Gin. Our role for this campaign was to produce and optimize all of the assets for web use and social platforms.

The major requirement was the creation of assets for the new Seagram’s Gin website (Top). Additional assets were needed for the #DifferenceIsWhen social campaign on Facebook and Instagram. We also created cinemagraphs from still images that were taken to be used as looping media on the social platforms for the campaign (Bottom Left).


This project also required studio time for the creation of drinks in motion and still life photography. We utilized the high frame rate of the RED Epic Dragon to capture the drinks in motion and the Canon 5D Mark II for still life.

Our post-production team provided retouching and color correction for the entire collection of studio assets produced on this project. We also worked to add additional “in motion” elements into the scene such as flying garnishes and modifying the drink splash to be more visually pleasing.


All video assets were created using the RED Epic Dragon with the Rokinon XEEN 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses. Static lighting was provided by a pair of 4 bank Kino Flo’s. Photography assets were executed with the Canon 5D Mark II.


This project was produced for Seagram’s Gin USA. View the final assets on the Website and Instagram.