We were commissioned with the challenge of shooting a large, co-working space in Kearny Point, New Jersey. The goal of this project was to produce three unique videos honoring the legacy of this space and its history of shipbuilding, as well as showcasing where Kearny Point is headed in the future.



Another large component of the project was to produce high-end photography and video assets that would be used in the website redesign for Kearny Point. Upon completion, we provided optimized video formats for background web video.


In this piece we wanted to highlight the legacy of Kearny Point and pay homage to the days when World War II ships launched from their docks every five days. The steward and owner of this property, Wendy Neu, takes an immense amount of pride in preserving as well as transforming Kearny Point into something for generations to come.


This was our opportunity to tell the story about what Kearny Point is today, and to touch on what the 130 acre vision is for the future. In talking with the Principal-in-Charge, Claire Weisz, from the architectural firm WXY. We were able to truly understand how WXY plans to transform the Kearny Point location by following the initial Building 78 model.


For the final piece, it was imperative for us capture the 10 year plan of the 130 acre location in Kearny Point. Principal Architect, David Burns from Studios Architecture, really dove into the plan for the waterfront of the property, as well as how this vision would impact the surrounding community in a positive way.

The video below will highlight the sections of the Kearny Point website that utilizes the content we created. To fully experience the work visit the Kearny Point website.