Online Presence

In order to establish an online presence that matched the brands message and mission, we were challenged to create a design that was light with a simple footprint. First Green Bank contrasts other banks by being green, friendly, and informative. These aspects created a very focused vision for the team to establish the presence of First Green Bank.

Given the varying environments and demographics seen in the banking industry, usability was crucial. We wanted the experience of the site to be as inviting and engaging as possible.

First Green Bank takes a very modern and clean approach in everything they do. Their facilities emit a bright and luminous feeling within contemporary architecture. We took these physical design cues and applied them into the digital space.

Mobile banking is on the rise and given that the First Green Bank user base varies from young to old, the mobile approach had to be simple and easy to use.

Creative Marketing

Monthly items were executed (print as well as digital) in order to maintain brand recognition and build their campaign base. Everything from posters, stickers and pins to a digital energy calculator have been created to engage First Green Bank digital visitors.

Our works tone of voice was friendly and simple as to not conceal the complexities behind the services that First Green Bank offers. By keeping our efforts straightforward and focused, we were able to execute a diverse set of items with a similar design language.


The completion of the site established a new outlook for the brand, as well as a new perception for its customers and users.

The site was fundamental in guiding the brands trajectory past what it means to look like a bank, and setting the bar for those to come.

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