We wanted to change the landscape of women’s golf and the golf industry by portraying women as strong golf athletes as well as leaders in business. Mollie the CEO of Coates Golf came to us with a challenge that we were eager to meet.



Coates Golf allowed us full creative freedom with this project. We took time as a team writing this script and thinking about how we could truly portray women as serious athletes, but not negating the professional aspect of their lives.

By allowing us the freedom to tell their story, we felt empowered with the opportunity of displaying women in a strong light. The Coates Golf CEO, Mollie Coates, fully exemplifies what a strong female athlete is, as well as a constant professional. She takes the role on full force, and hopes to engage other women with the Coates Golf brand by shaping them as athletes and in their day to day lives. We could not have thought of a better person to lead the spot.

A full scale production of this caliber required concepting, script creation, story boarding, location scouting/booking, full crewing, hair & makeup.


Spry was challenged with creating an ad that would communicate the mission statement of the brand whilst re-directing the industry standard narrative for women in golf. In this day and age female golfers are continuously patronized and limited in their equipment choices. Coates Golf has set out to change that.


Positioning this ad around the LPGA tournament we aimed to capture a large female audience with a mutual interest in women’s golf. In efforts to redirect the industry standard narrative we comprised a script that posed the question “What if things could change, and what if that time was now?” We positioned Coates Golf as the answer to that question resulting in a traditional TV spot that would help spark the revolution efforts of gender equality in golf.


We produced this project over 3 production days on the Sony A7s with a set of Rokinon XEEN lenses (24mm, 50mm, and 85mm). Stabilization was provided by the DJI Ronin 3-axis stabilized handheld gimbal system.