We Are Spry

Everyday we get the opportunity to change the world, and what we do with that opportunity is what defines us. We are a tribe of dreamers that push past the boundaries of what’s expected, and produce liberating content for the masses.

From the creation of Spry in 2011, we have strived to achieve work that breaks our creative boundaries. We are a creative agency that specializes in film production and digital strategy that redefines the norm and revolutionizes the industry.

The work we produce defines our character, our vision, and the desire to impact individuals through a creative message. We are a group of people who will never settle, but will always yearn for more. We deliver more than a service, we offer an avenue to new relationships; a gateway to the art of creative thinking, and experience to craft the perfect strategy.

We are the creative agency focused on bringing your vision to life. We know there’s no limit to greatness and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

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Services of Focus

& Design
Film Production
Digital Strategy

At Spry each and every project is an opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles, and to hold ourselves accountable to creating something worthwhile. We are creatively driven storytellers that work to create strong and challenging relationships between great companies and their customers. We understand that it doesn’t matter the medium, where, or how an idea is expressed, you still have to start with a great one. Here at Spry we know that truth better than most.

Spry is a full service film production company based in Orlando, Florida. We are backed by digital strategy and understand the requirements of today’s digital world. With our knowledge of the interactive space and creative background, our production team can provide a unique approach to video content. Our crew specializes in social content creation, web based video content and advertising campaigns. Insert client with creative vision here.

Spry takes a mobile first approach to programming any project and make sure to account for all different types of users, screen resolutions and devices when executing an idea. It is crucial to us that our design choices are functional and usable, but not at the expense of our creative vision. Being creative is at the upmost of importance to us, and we truly believe there is a form and function to everything.